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Thai ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Thai (Tay, Tay Dam, Tay Khao, Tay Muoi, Tay Thanh, Hang Tong, and Pu Thay). Population: 1,328,725 people (Year 1999). Locality: Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh, and Nghe An provinces.
Tho ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Tho (Keo, Mon, Cuoi, Ho, Tay Poong, Dan Lai, and Ly Ha). Population: 68,394 people (Year 1999). Locality: The Tho live in the western parts of Nghe An Province.
Xinh - mun ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Xinh Mun (Puoc, and Pua). Population: 18,018 people (Year 1999). Locality: Son La and Lai Chau provinces and along the Vietnamese-Lao border regions.
Xo dang ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Xo Dang (Xe Dang, Ca Dong, To Dra, Ha Lang, Mo Nam, Ta Tri, Ka Rang, Bri La Teng, and Con Lan). Population: 127,148 people (Year 1999). Locality: The Xo Dang are concentrated in Kon Tum Province and scattered in the mountainous areas of Quang Ngai and Quang Nam provinces.
Xtieng ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Xtieng (Xa Dieng). Population: 66,788 people (Year 1999). Locality: The Xtieng live in four northern districts of Binh Phuoc Province and in Dong Nai and Tay Ninh provinces.
Tay Son Dynasty
Kings of Tay Son Dynasty (1778-1802): - Thai Duc (1778-1793) - Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue) (1789-1792) - Canh Thinh (1793 - 1802)
Nguyen Dynasty
Kings of Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945): - Gia Long (1802-1819) - Minh Menh (1820-1840) - Thieu Tri (1841-1847) - Tu Duc (1848-1883) - Duc Duc (1883, 3 days) - Hiep Hoa (1883, 4 months). - Kien Phuc (1883-1884) - Ham Nghi (1884-1885) - Dong Khanh (1886-1888) - Thanh Thai (1889-1907) - Duy Tan (1907-1916) - Khai Dinh (1916-1925) - Bao Dai (1926-1945)
French domination period (1857-1945)
On August 31, 1858, a French naval squadron attacked Da Nang, launching several episodes of a war of colonial conquest waged by French imperialism between 1858 and 1884 and resulting in the total annexation of the country.
Independent Viet Nam (since 1945)
In the summer of 1945, popular discontent reached a climax and revolutionary action involving both political and armed struggle proliferated throughout the country, from north to south, in villages and cities, and among the ethnic minorities in the mountainous regions.