Picture book: Rickshaws, bikes and pedicabs in Viet Nam
Update: Jun 01, 2016
(TITC) - In Viet Nam, more than a century ago, when palanquins were no longer a popular means of conveyance for the Vietnamese people, the use of rickshaw started. Then, rickshaws were quickly replaced by bicycles from the West. The pedicab appeared later and became a popular means of transportation of Vietnamese people.

Rickshaws came into being during the Meiji era (1868) in Japan. In Viet Nam, the first few rickshaws were seen in Ha Noi in 1883 as a means of transporting councilors around the city. After that, they gradually developed to become a popular vehicle in Ha Noi and some big cities in Viet Nam. The rickshaw appeared in Ha Noi one year after the birth of the first automobile in Europe and one year before the horse-powered tramway.

In the early 20th century, the bicycles imported from Saint-Etienne (France) appeared for the first time in Ha Noi. This is a simple mean of conveyance without draught of human or horse. It is easy and effortless to ride the bicycle. Then, the bicycle became a popular means of transport in Viet Nam.

In 1936, the first pedicab was used in Viet Nam. Sitting in this vehicle, passengers could feel safe, comfortable and avoid rainy or sunny weather thanks to the hood.

Nowadays, modern means of transport such as cars and motorbikes are replacing simple vehicles. However, bikes and pedicabs can still be seen. The pedicabs are refurbished and decorated to serve visitors and have become one of cultural charms of Viet Nam.

By collecting photos taken over a period of years, the Viet Nam News Agency Publishing House compiles and publishes the picture book “Rickshaws, bikes and pedicabs in Viet Nam” which enables readers to learn about the development of transport in Viet Nam.

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