South central and Central Highlands regions promote tourism
Update: Apr 06, 2018
Despite its great potential, tourism in the south central and Central Highlands regions has only awakened in the last three years. To boost sea tourism, relevant authorities and travel agencies have worked together.  

Binh Dinh province welcomed more than 8 million visitors in 2017, an impressive surge compared to around 4 million tourists a year previously. The province is expected to receive about 12 million tourists this year. However, the provinces’ tourism services have not met demand with this rapid growth.

A representative of Mekong Tia Sang Travel Company told reporters: "New tourism destinations often have difficulties in providing sufficient services such as restaurants and hotels. Especially, airfares to provinces in the region like Binh Dinh and Quy Nhon are still high. We hope there are more improvements in the time ahead."

To overcome shortcomings, big travel agencies have worked with local agencies due to their advantages in geographical and cultural understanding.

Nguyen Thi Xuan Lan, Director of Golden Life Travel Company in Binh Dinh province said: "As locals, we have deep understanding of the culture and characteristics of the province. Besides, local people are very friendly, which is also our selling point."

With immense tourism potential and, more measures to strengthen the region’s tourism sector, the number of tourists coming to the province and the South central and Central Highlands regions this year are expected to increase by 1.5 times compared to previous years.