Hill Chicken in Tien Yen
Update: Jan 16, 2019
Tien Yen is a small town in Quang Ninh province. From Ha Long City, visitors can easily get there by driving 70km towards the North on National Highway 18. The trip might be long but the result is rewarding after all, because in Tien Yen they can find a wonderful speciality: Hill chicken!

The Hill chickens got their name from the fact that local people always raise the chickens without any cages. As a result, every day the chickens are free to roam and wander on the slopes of the hills. At night, the chickens come back and sleep on the tree’s branches. No one quite knows how they can do that, but that must be one of the fundamental reasons why the meat of the Hill chickens is unconventionally delicious, firm rather than tough, buttery rather than greasy.

Tien Yen’s Hill chickens can be used to cook many dishes but the most remarkable one is the simplest dish: boiled chicken. Gazing at a plate of boiled Hill chicken, you can hardly believe your eyes. Even though the chicken is boiled in a normal way, its skin has an incredibly tempting yellow colour as if there were saffron and oil on it. The skin is also thick so it seems to be greasy. However, after just one bite, you will soon experience the firmness and sweetness of the chicken.