VNAT develops application on COVID-19 vaccination certificate
Update: Sep 01, 2021
(TITC) Recently, Prime Minister agreed policy of piloting the use of vaccine passports for international visitors to Phu Quoc Island (KienGiang Province). With the goal of ensuring safe tourism, the COVID-19 vaccination certification system is considered as the most important tool.
The COVID-19 vaccine passport is a form of documentation (likely digital) proving that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19.In the world, facing the increasingly urgent need to reconnect travel and trade activities globally, many countries and organizations have tested and applied digital certification tools with different names. The European Union (EU) has adopted the COVID-19 Digital Certificate to facilitate travel within the bloc. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has Digital Travel Pass in the aviation sector. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Common Project have developed the Common Pass. IBM Corporation applied Digital Health Pass...
Recently, with the support of Ministry of Information and Communications,  Ministry of Health, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has built  vaccination certification systemon website, using to welcome international tourists when COVID-19 pandemic is controlled. This system provides information of procedures for controlling, verifying, and updating health records of international visitors before to Vietnam, during their trip and until exiting Vietnam.
Now, the app on vaccination certification has been integrated into Safe Vietnam Tourism application with smart utilities such as finding safe destinations, updating disease information in localities, safe tourist digital maps, health monitoring, travel insurance, e-tickets, booking, managing tours, discovering destinations...
The app is continuing to be developed.
Tourism Information Technology Center