Digital transformation plays an important role in realizing the goal of developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector
Update: Nov 26, 2021
(TITC) - This is the emphasis of Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc, Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) at a training course on International integration knowledge organized in Lang Son Province, taking place on November 23, 2021.

VNAT’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Le Phuc at training course

The training course is organized by the Institute of Management for Culture, Sports and Tourism (under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) in collaboration with Lang Son Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to improve knowledge of international integration. The course takes place from November 22 to 24, 2021 with learners who are officials working in the culture, sports and tourism industries in Lang Son Province. 

VNAT’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Le Phuc attended and shared contents related to smart travel applications and digital transformation in the tourism industry.

Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc said the application of information technology and digital transformation is a major policy of the Party and State. The digital transformation plays an important role in realizing the goal of developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector. In recent years, the Party and State have issued many policies to promote the development of smart tourism and digital transformation.

Recently, VNAT efforts to implement the goal of forming a smart tourism ecosystem and develop digital platforms to connect stakeholders in the tourism industry, such as Vietnam Tourism database, information and communication channels on websites and social medias, app for declaration of safety destination, app for Vietnam tour guides, etc.

In addition, the VNAT also supports localities to implement digital transformation and provide training to improve their capacity to apply information technology for tourism development. VNAT accompanies with the businesses, supports initiatives to apply new technologies to develop unique and effective tourism products.

Nguyen Le Phuc confirmed that Vietnam tourism industry is developing rapidly and dynamically, closely linking with the regions and the world in a professional and modern direction, which are favorable conditions to strengthen digital connection and smart tourism development.

He informed that VNAT will coordinate with related partners to develop an e-commerce platform project in the field of tourism according to the sharing economy model, supporting transaction connection between businesses and businesses (B2B), businesses and tourists (B2C).

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