Russia recommends Vietnam as a safe travel destination
Update: Mar 03, 2022
The Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia (Rostourism) has evaluated Vietnam to be a safe tourist destination without imposing any restrictions on Russian citizens travelling to the nation.

The latest foreign travel recommendation for Russian citizens was announced by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 2 following many countries moved to impose sanctions and restrictions on Moscow.

Other countries on the list include Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates  (UAE), and India.

Russian authorities have therefore advised their citizens not to travel to countries which have imposed sanctions and restrictions on Russia, primarily because traveling to them may risk them being unable to their return to their home nation in a timely and safe manner.

The tourism agency believes that some destinations, including several Latin American countries, will no longer be available to Russian tourists due to restrictions imposed on Russia aircraft flying in airspace controlled by the EU and Canada.

It also recommended that tour operators suspend the sale of tours to countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, as well as to Caribbean nations because related air routes must pass through the closed airspace of the EU and Canada.