New tourism trends in 2022
Update: Jun 21, 2022
2022 is bringing high expectations for travelers as most countries around the world are ready to open their doors to visitors. After a long period of COVID-19, travel this year is expected to follow new trends.

Healing tourism. Photo: Dinh Huu Ngot

Healing tourism 

Healing tourism is a tourist service focused on relaxation, beauty, and health care. The core purpose of this service is physical rehabilitation and mental recovery. According to World Tourism Organization projections, health-related tourism will thrive in the post-Covid era. The Global Health Institute revealed that this type of tourism could generate $919 billion in revenue this year.

Mu Cang Chai golden season. Photo: Cong Tien Thinh

Local tourism

This is a form of travel in which tourists will travel locally without having to undertake a long journey or use public transportation. This trend is still favored by travel enthusiasts when it is safer to travel because it helps to limit the risk of getting infected and save money. According to the surveys, it is expected that in 2022, about 75% of travel will be domestic.

Sam Tuyen Lam resort. Photo: Do Trong Hoai An

Luxury travel

Many luxury travellers who want to experience private cruises and ensure maximum social distancing choose private jets, private yachts or apartment hotels as a safer choice.

Travelling to a deserted place

Unspoiled, isolated destinations not only provide tranquility but also offer absolute assurance as they often serve a small number of tourists at a time, thereby minimizing the risk of infection.  This trend is projected to gain prominence in the post-Covid era.

In addition, the trends in minimizing technology equipment are a lot better nowadays. Luxury cruise excursions or trips combining nature conservation are also popular trends in 2022.

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