Quang Ninh: "Soong Co yellow season" festival to open in Binh Lieu on October 29
Update: Oct 17, 2023
A festival to honour the ethnic traditional cultures and natural beauty of the border district of Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh province will kick off on October 29.

San Chi people gather to sing Soong Co songs.

The “Hoi mua vang” (yellow season festival) will include a variety of activities for participants to get immersed in local cultures and explore the beauty of the terraced fields during the ripening rice season such us a running race, com moi (new rice) worshiping ceremony, a pageant for most beautiful girl in traditional costume, a paragliding programme and an ethnic women’s football tournament, etc.

Located in the eastern part of Quang Ninh province and bordered with China, Binh Lieu is home to ethnic groups such as Tay, San Chi and Dao and endowed with many stunning landscapes as well as attractive cultural features.

The mountainous district is likened to ‘Sapa’ in northern Lao Cai province with similar climate, landscapes and culture of ethnic minority groups. Binh Lieu has no high-end tourism services but will comfort travelers by its own wild beauty and peaceful scenery.

Tourists can visit tourist sites such as Luc Na communal house, Khe Van waterfall, Khe Thien waterfall, Mooc A waterfall, border roads, etc.

They also trek up mountains to admire various wild flowers and fruits, enjoy the beauty of immense terraced rice fields and learn more about the daily life of ethnic people living in stilt houses scattered around mounts and hills.

Binh Lieu has also a border gate market where tourists can shop for some souvenirs, garments and food.

By Duy Khoa

Quang Ninh Online - english.baoquangninh.com.vn - October 13, 2023