The opening ceremony of training course to serve the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU 132)
Update: Mar 05, 2015
(TITC) - On 3 March 2015, in Ha Noi, Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) held the opening ceremony of training course to serve the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU 132) for heads of divisions and staffs of hotels selected to welcome and serve delegates and guests of IPU 132 and tourism service provider for IPU 132.

The training course aims to prepare adequately human resource and facilities to serve IPU 132 in all situations and ensure security and safety for delegates and guests.

The opening ceremony had the presences of Head of General-Research Division, Directorate of State Protocol (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Tran Dung; Deputy Chief of National Secretary of IPU 132 Ly Duc Trung; Deputy Director of Department of Hotel (VNAT) Vu Van Thanh; Deputy Director of Department of Travel (VNAT) Nguyen Anh Tuan; representative of Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department (Ha Noi Police Department) and more than 170 trainees.

Mr. Vu Van Thanh, Deputy Director of Department of Hotel (VNAT) speaking at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Vu Van Thanh emphasized IPU 132 is an important foreign event with the largest scale that Viet Nam ever hosted. The successful organization of IPU 132 will enhance the role and prestige of Viet Nam National Assembly in Inter-Parliamentary Union; and promote friendly relation and cooperation between Viet Nam and other countries and international organizations.

The training course takes place for 3 days (from 3 to 5 March 2015), including 4 topics: protocol; fire prevention and fighting; food safety; and security. Through the training course, all trainees will be provided overview information on IPU 132; rules, regulations, guidelines on serving delegates; information clues, related sites and other important information.

IPU is the oldest international political organization in the world, founded in 1889 in Paris (France), head office in Geneva (Switzerland). Inter-Parliamentary is identified as an international organization of sovereign countries’ Parliaments, the focal point for world-wide parliamentary dialogue. Since 1889, Inter-Parliamentary Union has worked for world peace and cooperation among peoples and for the firm establishment of representative democracies. Currently, IPU consists of 166 member countries, 10 associate members and is continuing to expand. Viet Nam joined IPU in April 1979.

From 28 March to 1 April 2015, Viet Nam will host the 132nd IPU. IPU 132 is an international event with the largest ever number of delegations. Currently, there are 105 registered delegations, with more than 1,500 delegates and guests. The activities in the framework of the IPU will be held according to State protocol, thereby contributing to improving the image of Viet Nam to international friends, fostering trade, investment and tourism promotion activities. Launched officially from 25 March 2015, the opening ceremony of IPU 132 will take place on the evening of 28 March 2015 in National Convention Centre (Ha Noi) and is broadcasted live worldwide.

Thu Giang