Hon Kem - Da Dung Attraction

Location: Hon Kem - Da Dung lie alongside the two banks of Thu Bon River, belonging the two communes of Que Lam and Que Phuoc (Que Son District), Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: This landscape is an area of two ranges of stone mountains with strange images and patterns stretching out and interfering with the flow of Thu Bon River.

The attraction of Hon Kem - Da Dung does not only boast romantic scene of rivers and mountains, but particularly Champa scripts carved onto giant pieces of rock lying along the Thu Bon River.
This place can be reached by boat up from Hoi An and Vinh Dien with a visit to My Son World Heritage Site on the way, or overland from Que Son District through Le Pass and Trung Phuoc Market, then by boat to the place. Visitors will pass beautiful landscape with majestic mountains and rivers, green mulberry and corn fields, and crowded markets on rivers. Visitors can also go across the river at Trung Phuoc Market to visit a village called Dai Buong, which is famous in Quang Nam for its orchards.

Photo: Internet