Ham Ho Tourist Spot

Location: Located in Phu My Hamlet, Tay Phu Commune, Tay Son District, Binh Dinh Province, about 55km north-west of Quy Nhon City.
Characteristic: This is the 2km-long complex of spring, falls, lake, river, canal along Kut River's lower section.

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, Kon River and Kut River's lower section was in terrible drought. Witnessing that disaster, Rain God created river and spring to save people here. The two river's lower section was believed to be created at that time and links the imposing Central Highlands with the East Sea. Thence this region is called Ham Ho (Ho means call) because of cult of genii (wind call) to pray for rain.


From Quy Nhon City, capital of Binh Dinh Province, taking National Highway 19 for 40km to Phu Phong Town and then going south for over 5km, tourists will reach Ham Ho. Going by boat about over half a kilometer on the way leading to inner lake area, tourists' tiredness will seem to disappear. They can experience mountain views, abundant birdlife, fragrant wild flowers, unusual trees and plants. The more tourists get deep into, the more interesting scenery is. With the depth of 30m, the river's bed is full of gleaming and bright granite stones like million of diamonds in the green and clear water. The stones seem alive and meaning full because of legends such as Jar of Wine (Hon Vo Ruou), Footprint of Giants (Hon Dau Chan Ong Khong Lo), Fairy Chess Board (Ban Co Tien)... Along the riverside tourist will see Thanh Mountain which looks like a wall covered with green moss and ancient roots.



Ham Ho is also famous for variety of fishes, especially during flood seasons when fishes from Kon River gather here to cross the waterfall and swim upstream to Da Hang, the source of the river for breeding. It is told that every year the Water King holds a waterfall crossing examination for the fishes in Ham Ho. The fishes that pass the examination will turn into dragon. Because of this classic reference, the Ham Ho Waterfall is also called Vu Mon (Flying Fish) Waterfall.


In the rainy season (April-October), the forests at Ham Ho turn into a green carpet dotted with splendid flowers and in the dry season (November-March), the river water is pure and the air is cold. One of the most interesting times to visit is when the Loc Vung ornamental trees (lecythidales) come into flower. The nature here creates a lively and fanciful drawing and is an ideal place for tourist to relax. Tourists can go boating and fishing, walk in the forest, swim or just relax in one of the stilt houses on the banks of the river. Adventurers can kayak on the river, or take a ride in a small canoe with two local guides dressed in ancient soldier's costumes.


To sample the regional culinary specialties tourists should visit Hoa Loc Vung Restaurant to taste the fried fish served with Loc Vung leaves, chim mia - a kind of bird, forest vegetables and a type of snail that lives in the rocks.


Ham Ho is also the place remarking the history of the Tay Son movement, the Mai Xuan Thuong insurgent troops, and the nation's fight for independence.