Cat Ba Island and National Park

Location: Cat Ba Island belonging to Cat Hai District, is 40km from the east of Hai Phong City, 20km from the south of Ha Long City.
Characteristics: Cat Ba Island and National Park is a tourist spot, attractive for its natural beauty and wonders endowed by nature.

 Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is an archipelago covering approximately 367 islands of different shapes and sizes. The main island is Cat Ba with an area approximately 200km².


The topography of the island mainly consists of limestone mountains with many caves, as well as beaches with white powdery sand. The limestone mountains have an average height of 150m, the highest of which is Cao Vong Peak, 322m above sea level. Cat Ba is characterized by beautiful natural scenery, and abundant forest and sea resources. There are numerous beaches on the island that are clean and smooth, with translucent blue water.


Come to this beautiful island, visitors are not only bathed in cool blue beaches, but also can discover mysterious nature through primitive forests on the island.


Besides, visitors can hire a motor boat to sail to the small islets, where there are calm and clean beaches, such as the Cat Trai Gai, Duong Gianh and Hien Hao. The mountain adjacent to Cat Co Beach has a tunnel and fascinating caves and grottoes, such as Hang Luon, Khe Sau, Trung Trang, Gia Luan and Kim Cuong. Visiting these caves and grottoes, visitors will get the feeling of the explorers, discovering the wonders and mysteries endowed by nature.


Coming out of the caves and grottoes, visitors should spend a little time to contemplate the sunset over Lan Ha Bay. On the golden background of the horizon and the dark blue of the sea, the heaving islets become multiform, the white sea-gulls hover and sea-eagles make circles in the sky, all beautifying the immense and fascinating space, and enchanting the visitors.


 Cat Ba National Park 
Cat Ba National Park has the area of 15,200ha with tropical virgin forests boasting diversified and rare fauna and flora.

According to research, there are 620 species of plants, 438 lines of descent, and 123 families, among which there are 350 medicinal plants such as garcimia fagraceides a.chev (trai ly), chukrasia tabularis a. juss (lat hoa), podocarpus wallichianus presl (kim giao), etc. More than 32 species of mammals, 69 species of birds, as well as 20 species of reptiles and amphibians can be found in Cat Ba National Park. The white-headed langur (poliocephalus), which is listed as endangered species in World Red Book and Viet Nam Red Book found on the cliffs separating the island from the sea. The yellow monkey, chamois, and many beautiful birds such as the cao cat, boi ca (kingfisher), hut mat, and dau riu also live on the island.


In 2004, Cat Ba was recognized as World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.




Hydrofoils and boats run between Hai Phong (Ben Binh) and Cat Ba about 10 trips a day in summer season. There are 2 trips by hydrofoil (departs from Hai Phong at 9.00am, 12.15am and vice versa from Cat Ba at 2.20pm, 4.30pm) and two trips by boat (depart from Hai Phong at  7.00am, 12.15am and vice versa from Cat Ba at 6.30am, 12.15am) a day in the rest of year. The journey by hydrofoil takes 50 minutes, by boat takes 130 minutes. Contact: Tel: (84-225) 3841 431/ 3841 009; time of service: 8.00am - 5.00pm.

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