Van Phong Bay

Location: Van Phong Bay is located 50km from Nha Trang toward the north.
Characteristic: There is a sand hill that is 18km long, situated between the main land and two islets creating a bay with a very beautiful landscape.

This beautiful landscape is endowed with wonderful natural sceneries and beaches of fine sand, an ideal temperate climate, surrounded by hills, mountains and tropical forests. The sea is all the more embellished with colorful coral reefs, vestiges of mangrove forests, rare sea creatures in an ideal environment. These are great potentials for the development of ecological tourism in Van Phong. In the plan toward the year 2010, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism declares Van Phong as "the most important region for tourism development". There are many forms of water sports and uphill tourism here, including sea diving, water skiing, sail boating, mineral water bathing and hunting.

At present, Van Phong is ranked 1st of the 4 ideal sea tourist centers by the Sea World Association.



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