Project launched to preserve and promote gong culture in Dak Lak
Update: May 26, 2022
On May 24, the Dak Lak Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the launch of a 25,000-USD-project on preserving and promoting gong culture in the locality.

A class on gong playing for Ede ethnic children in Dak Lak Province.

The project, funded by the Republic of Korea’s Jeollabuk-do Centre for International Affairs, will be implemented from April to December this year in Ede and M’mong ethnic communities in the four districts of Lak, Krong Ana, Buon Don, and Cu M’gar.

The project aims to safeguard and uphold the cultural identity of ethnic groups, improve their material and spiritual lives, and facilitate local socio-economic development.

Under the project, the department will organise classes on gong playing, present gongs and traditional costumes to locals, and carry out research into reviving traditional rituals and digitalising performances of gong culture.



Nhan Dan Online - - May 25, 2022