Khanh Hoa Province aims to become 'Green destination' on world travel map
Update: Aug 01, 2023
The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Khanh Hoa Province has just launched the whole people to participate in the program "Green Action - For a Green Future" aiming to become a "Green Destination" on the world tourism map. This is considered a "plus point" for Khanh Hoa tourism to increase its attraction to domestic and international tourists.

The program "Green Action - For a Green Future" (with the companion of the fund "For Green Future" of Vingroup) will focus on 7 essential daily areas, including: clean cuisine and drinking water, green traffic, green accommodation, green space, green play, green air and green people. In particular, the food and clean green drinking water segment must comply with the set of green standards as well as use clean and fresh green food synchronously at all business establishments of food and beverage, accommodation... in the province. Public areas in Nha Trang will install clean water faucets for visitors to reduce the rate of using bottled water leading to the discharge of plastic bottles into the environment.

Management and staff of Alma Resort pick up trash on the beach

According to Nguyen Viet Quang - Vice Chairman of Vingroup, in response to the province's program, Vingroup's brands operating in the province, such as Vinpearl, Vinmec, and VinUni will have green action plans. In which, Vinpearl - a brand of tourism - resort - entertainment services has been committed to converting 100% of plastic bottled water into glass bottles, reusing public clean water sources on Hon Tre island; adding free bicycle service and organizing bicycle tours around the island and the city... Vinpearl's accommodations also reduce air conditioning in common areas, recommending guests to set the room temperature from 25ºC; organize recycling classes, strengthen nature connection activities for children, such as: glamping (glamorous camping), mountain climbing, forest exploration; reduce emissions on Hon Tre Island and all operating facilities of the whole system; organize periodic cleaning weeks…

In mid-June, in response to the campaign to for the ocean without plastic waste, 13 resorts in Bai Dai area (Cam Lam district) cleaned up trash on the beach. Currently, resorts in Bai Dai are planning to coordinate with Rotary Club Saigon International to raise funds towards the establishment of a plastic waste recycling plant in Cam Lam and Cam Ranh.

In tourism activities, businesses in the province are more and more aware of environmental protection, towards green tourism. For many years now, Ana Mandara Nha Trang Resort as well as Ana Mandara Cam Ranh has served tourists with glass bottled water instead of plastic bottles, straws made of bamboo or made of disposable rice. … “We always aim to develop green tourism by creating green spaces, minimizing emissions to the environment. Currently, the resort has said no to single-use plastic," shared Le Dai Hai - General Manager of Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort.

Managers and employees of Novotel Nha Trang Hotel went out to pick up trash on the beach in front of Bach Dang Park, City. Nha Trang.

In 2020, after the Department of Tourism launched the "Say no to plastic" movement, many resorts such as Hon Tam, Champa Island, Fusion, The Anam, etc., have limited the use of plastic to contribute environmental protection. In particular, Champa Island used self-expanding paper towels instead of cold towels wrapped in plastic bags; build a plastic waste park to raise awareness of environmental protection for tourists. Long Phu Tourist Joint Stock Company used waste materials to build a 5,000m2 waste park on Monkey Island...

The movement to develop green tourism is gradually spreading. Currently, most resorts have switched from using cloth bags for guests to store their belongings instead of plastic bags as before. Limiting the use of single-use plastics is also being responded by many tourism businesses. “Sustainable tourism has become a general principle and trend in tourism development of each country in the world and Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa cannot stay out of this trend", said Pham Minh Nhut - Standing Vice Chairman of Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa Tourism Association.

Nguyen Thi Le Thanh - Director of the provincial Department of Tourism said that the province's tourism industry has had many propaganda activities to encourage businesses to develop green tourism, minimizing impacts on the environment. “With the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province calling all people to participate in the program "Green Action - For a Green Future", I believe that in the coming time, the Party committees, authorities at all levels, agencies, departments, branches, the community and tourists will have more activities to support the development of green tourism, join hands in development for the community. The tourism industry will also have plans and action programs to respond to the Program "Green Action - For a Green Future", Thanh said.

Thanh Nguyen - Translated by T.T

Khanh Hoa News - - July 22, 2023