The Influence of Thay Thim Palace Cultural Tourism Festival in Binh Thuan
Update: Oct 25, 2023
Each year, on the Autumn Festival (September 14, 15, and 16 of the lunar calendar), tourists come to Thay Thim Palace to offer incense and commemorate the merits of Mr and Mrs Chi Duc.

The 2023 Thay Thim Palace Cultural and Tourism Festival will be an opportunity for La Gi town to promote its potential and encourage tourism investment in local socio-economic development. In addition, folk activities in the festival aim to preserve rich traditional customs and promote the beauty of cultural life and urban civilizations. The festival will become a highlight for the La Gi tourism picture.

On the morning of the September 14th lunar calendar, the ceremony will begin with a solemn ritual, which is the Nghinh Than ceremony and the floral sedan chair parade to welcome Thay Thim to the temple, then the many following offerings for good fortune, money, and health and main rituals... Those are indispensable rituals in each autumn festival. Therefore, both locals and tourists could understand more about kindness, altruism, and respect the virtues of the two "Chi Duc Tien Sinh, Chi Duc Nuong Nuong Ton Than". (Mr-Mrs Chi Duc)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Chieu in Ham Thuan Nam shared: "I and my family join the festival and come to offer Thay Thim incense to pray for peace, and health every year. Especially this year, I can see how all aspects are thoughtfully prepared by the officials. The most impression is the security and safety assurance for the visitors. Moreover, the interior and exterior areas of the palace are clean and splendid all the time”.

The story of Thay-Thim (Mr - Mrs) is recreated through visual and vivid models of Thay Thim's life, along with noble gestures expressed through the Fortune Giving Ceremony. This year, besides the authentic Unicorn-Lion-Dragon activities, the festival also had a special music performance, tug of war, and a baking traditional cakes respond to the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 - "Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comess Together".

The humanities story of Thay Thim and the cultural festival activities remind everyone to remember their roots and ancestors, carry out and follow Thay Thim and their predecessors' compassion and benevolence that they have done for the poor.

Through the thoughtful preparation and the elaborate and careful investment of the organization, we believe that the 2023 Thay Thim Palace Cultural and Tourism Festival will not only leave an indelible influence in tourists' hearts but also highlight the La Gi tourism picture to become more flourish and attracted tourists and investments.

Translated by Uyen Linh

BTO - - October 23, 2023