Michelin Guide extends to Vietnam's Da Nang City
Update: Apr 11, 2024
The Michelin Guide announced on April 10 that it has added the city of Da Nang to its gourmet destination portfolio. 

Mì Quảng noodle - one of Da Nang's many specialties (Photo: VNA)

Da Nang becomes the third Vietnamese city to see its gastronomic scene spotlighted by the Michelin Guide inspectors, after last year's addition of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Globally known as an acclaimed tourist destination, Da Nang is also “a true heaven for food lovers”, wrote Michelin on its website. As a proud ambassador of Central Vietnamese cuisine, Da Nang has impressed the Michelin Guide inspectors with the quality and variety of local offerings, especially Mì Quảng, Bún Chả Cá or its famous Bánh Xèo.

Seafood restaurants, all supplying an abundance of very fresh or live marine creatures, as well as street food delicacies are not to be missed, noted the Michelin inspectors who have taken pleasure sitting by the side of the road enjoying the city’s culinary gems, the site added.

It said the Michelin Guide is recognizing its Da Nang restaurant selection following its universal and historical method. Thus, local restaurants are being assessed either anonymously, collectively, or independently by the Michelin Guide inspectors following five criteria, including “the quality of the ingredients”, “the mastery of cooking techniques”, “the harmony of flavors”, “the personality of the cuisine”, and “the consistency both over time and throughout the menu as a whole”. 

VOVWORLD - vovworld.vn - Apr 10, 2024