Kim Lien Relic Site

Location: Memorial Site of President Ho Chi Minh in Kim Lien (refer to Kim Lien Relic Site) belongs to Kim Lien and Nam Giang communes, Nam Dan District, Nghe An Province, about 15km from Vinh City.

Characteristics: Kim Lien Relic Site conserves historical-cultural space, artifacts and documents about the childhood of President Ho Chi Minh and his family’s members.

The relic site has a total area of 216ha and includes 2 main relic groups.


Sen Village (The Homeland of Ho Chi Minh's Father)

Sen, also known as Kim Lien (Golden Lotus), village where there are many lotus ponds. It consists of house of Junior Doctor Nguyen Sinh Sac (Uncle Ho’s father), house of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Nham (Uncle Ho’s paternal grandfather), Nguyen Sinh Family’s worshiping house, house of Mr. Vuong Thuc Quy (Uncle Ho’s teacher), Co Dien Blacksmith, Coc Well, banyan tree and Sen Village stadium, Sen Village Temple, Uncle Ho exhibition area and memorial house. Of which, Nguyen Sinh Sac’s house - the thatched cottage where President Ho Chi Minh used to live during his childhood is built from bamboo and wood. It has five compartments. The interior furniture is similar to that of other farmers' houses: a wooden bed, a bamboo bed without raised walls at the two ends, a hammock made from hemp, and an altar. It was built in 1901 with the help and donations of the villagers as a present to Nguyen Sinh Sac when he gained the doctoral title at the court exam, which glorified his village.



Chua Village (The Homeland of Ho Chi Minh's Mother)

Located 2km from Sen Village, Chua Village is just as peaceful as any other Vietnamese villages. But it is famous, both domestically and internationally, as President Ho Chi Minh's maternal homeland and the place where he was born and brought up by his mother. It consists of house of Mr. Hoang Xuan Duong (Ho Chi Minh’s maternal grandfather), and Hoang Xuan Family’s worshiping house.


In addition, Kim Lien Relic Site also comprises the worship house - Mr. Hoang Duong's House and tomb of Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan (Ho Chi Minh’s mother).


The Worship House - Mr. Hoang Duong's House

Mr. Hoang Duong, President Ho Chi Minh's maternal grandfather, built this simple cottage in 1882 to make it a place for worshipping his paternal grand grandfather, grandfather, and father. The altar is decorated in a simple but solemn fashion. Attractive to visitors is the pair of parallel sentences hung in the front of the house, which praise the family clan's fame.


The house has five compartments and two lean-tos. Three outer compartments adjoin with the worship house; so it is well ventilated. The house is where Mr. Hoang Duong used to teach his pupils.


The Tombs of Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan (1868-1901)

Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan was the mother of patriotic children, including Nguyen Sinh Cung, who later became President Ho Chi Minh.


In 1985, on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's 95th birthday anniversary, the people in Nghe An Province built her tomb on Mount Dong Tranh. From the mount foot, visitors have to climb nearly 300 stone steps leading to the tomb. Above it is a concrete roof stylised as the loom with which Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan used to weave cloth to earn a living and feed her children.