Truong Bon Historical Site

Location: My Son Commune, Do Luong District, Nghe An Province, about 40km to the west of Vinh City.

Characteristics: It marks the glorious victory and supreme sacrifice of Vietnamese army and people in the resistance war against American Empire.


(TITC) - Truong Bon is a 5km-long pass section in National Road 15A which was a particularly important strategic position in transport hub of North – South during the resistance war against America Empire.


Constructed in 2010 and completed in July 2015 on an area of ​​217,327m², Truong Bon Historical Site includes many items, the highlight of which is tomb area of 13 youth volunteers who sacrificed in the bombardment on 31 October 1968 in Truong Bon. The tomb area is nestled on the pine hill where was the youth volunteers’ shelter. This is a place where American aggressors attacked fiercely and also where 13 young volunteers lay down.


The historical site also has memorial house of heroic martyr; display house with the objects recreating the true and vivid images on the resistance war against America Empire of Truong Bon’s people and army; lake; festival ground; restored 3 bomb craters, bell tower; a large relief reflecting the life, labor process and combat of soldiers and youth volunteers in the past; martyr monument with three 27m-high and over 1m-diameter bluestone blocks in the shapes of incense sticks.


Truong Bon Historical Site has been recognized as National Historical Relic since 1996. This is the place to remember and pay tribute to the sacrifice of heroic martyrs, and also educate the revolutionary tradition for younger generation.


Thu Giang