Admiring the mesmerising ‘miniature version of Ban Gioc waterfall’ in Cao Bang
Update: Jan 12, 2022
(TITC) - Located in Ha Lang District (Cao Bang Province), Hoa (flora) waterfall is a brand new tourist destination for experience. The crystalline emerald water and majestic mountain scenery in Hoa waterfall is not inferior to the famous Ban Gioc waterfall.

Go with the flow of Quay Son river from Ban Gioc waterfall, towards Ly Van border gate (Ly Quoc Commune, Ha Lang District), visitors will arrive at Hoa waterfall or Thoong Lai waterfall as the local name. Alternatively, traveling from Thanh Nhat town (Ha Lang District), moving forward to the direction of Bang Ca market and carrying on to Ly Van border gate for about 3km, visitors can also reach Hoa waterfall.  

Hoa waterfall is located downstream, about 12km from Ban Gioc waterfall. Travel enthusiasts often call Hoa waterfall after the name ‘Ban Gioc waterfall miniature’ due to its similar scenery.

Since this is a newly discovered destination, Hoa waterfall retains its natural wild features and has not yet been exploited for mass tourism. Tourists will need to walk and wade through cliffs to get closer to the waterfall. In the expanded area, 1km around Hoa waterfall, there are crystalline emerald lakes, majestic mountains, luxuriant trees and white streams waterfalls, creating a charming landscape.

Arriving at Hoa waterfalls, no one can resist the natural pristine scenery in Cao Bang. There are plenty of beautiful backgrounds for visitors to take pictures and check-in; visitors can freely swim in the freshly cool water or casually relaxing on the grass, enjoying the fresh air in the midst of peaceful nature. Ha Lang blue sky with sun shines on the waterfall and the magnetic sparkling lake.

From May to July every year, Hoa waterfall during the rainy season will be the prettiest. The abundance of water provides Hoa waterfall with full of life, however, thanks to its low altitude, Hoa waterfall seems more peaceful than Ban Gioc waterfall. The stream is also split by the topography, easing the intensity of the foam and the sound of the fall. With a cool fresh lake and massive lawns, this is the most suitable area for tourists to go camping and picnics. 

The water capacity decreases in the dry season, therefore, it becomes more peaceful and fantasised. For adventurous travelers who love to conquer nature, it is the ideal destination for them, especially in the rainy season. The foot falls area is suitable for a number of extreme sports such as SUP boating, kayaking, rafting, swimming… with groups of friends and families, it is also considered as a perfect choice for a weekend getaway.

Near Hoa waterfall area, visitors likewise can pay a visit to the Na Vi old village (Minh Long Commune). Tay ethnicity group lives here under ancient stone houses. Blogger Ha Cuong shared his views, although it is not as famous as the Khuoi Ky stone village (Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District), Na Vi village has its own identity and attractions, with many unique stone houses and people are always friendly, welcoming and hospitable. In addition, in Ha Lang District, there are numerous attractive tourist attractions such as Doi cave (Dong Loan Commune), Pine hill in Vinh Quy Commune, Luoc Dac plateau… At the end of the year, visitors arriving at Ha Lang will have a chance to admire the colourful wild sunflowers and poinsettias endlessly spread all over the valleys.

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