Ha Noi flowers on postage stamps
Update: Apr 29, 2024
The Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) and the Ministry of Information and Communications have just released a set of stamps themed "Ha Noi's Flower Seasons" featuring 12 types of blossoms in the song "Hanoi's 12 Flower Seasons", composed by Ha Noi musician Giang Son.

Newly released stamps-themed seasonal flowers in Ha Noi.  

Accordingly, the newly released stamp set includes three designs and one block. Each stamp measures 32x43mm, while the block has a size of 150x100mm, with prices ranging from VND4,000 to VND20,000 (US$0.15 to $0.8). 

Designed in a graphic style by Vietnam Post artist Nguyen Quang Vinh, the stamps are now available through the public postal network. Ha Noi's spring landscape is vividly depicted on the stamps, making each one a tiny picture that combines tradition and modernity.

Spring has its beauty. Apart from the cool weather and sprinkles, Ha Noi's charm also comes from its beautiful flowered streets. During these days, Ha Noi's streets are romantically covered with Hoa Ban (Bauhinia Variegate), Hoa Sua (Dalbergia Tonkinensis flowers), and Hoa Phong Linh (Yellow Tabebuia flowers) that attract many locals and tourists for sightseeing and taking pictures. 

This year's spring stamp set features three types of flowers: peach blossom, ban flower, and sua flower.

The first sample of the envelope for the stamp set's FDC (First Day Cover) - Peach flowers

According to a representative of Vietnam Post, these are three of 12 typical flowers of Ha Noi to be unveiled on the occasion of the Reunification Day and the May Day Holiday in 2024. Other stamps featuring seasonal flowers will be released later.

 The second sample of the envelope for the FDC (First Day Cover) of the stamp set - Bauhinia variegata flowers

 The third sample of the envelope for the stamp set's FDC (First Day Cover) - Dalbergia tonkinensis flowers


Hoa Dao or peach blossom is typical of January.

 Hoa Ban or Bauhinia variegata flowers symbol of February. 

 Hoa Sua or Dalbergia tonkinensis flowers, a type of flower that is a symbol of March, have created a dreamlike scene for old but charming Ha Noi.

Jenna Duong

Hanoi Times - hanoitimes.vn - Apr 28, 2024