Yellow-flamboyant flowers in full bloom in Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang)
Update: Apr 03, 2024
Son Tra Peninsula in the central city of Da Nang is covered with flowers during April, including yellow-flamboyant flowers, thereby creating beautiful landscapes and attracting plenty of photographers and visitors.  

Yellow-flamboyant flowers can be seen in bloom in Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula when April arrives.

Red-shanked douc langurs can easily be found on the trees.

Son Tra Peninsula is being filled with yellow flowers blooming amid the brilliant sunshine.

Yellow-flamboyants usually start to bloom in late March on part of Son Tra Peninsula.

Son Tra is particularly enchanting from April to June when the forest blooms with a myriad of colourful flowers.

Images of red-shanked douc langurs swinging on yellow-flamboyant trees draw plenty of attention from tourists, locals, and photographers.

Son Tra Peninsula attracts a lot of photographers throughout April due to the scenic views in the area.


VOV - - Apr 2nd, 2024