Vinh Phuc Province’s Tam Dao recognised as national tourist area
Update: Jan 27, 2022
The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No.170/QD-BVHTTDL on January 25, recognising the Tam Dao tourist site in the northern province of Vinh Phuc as a national tourist area.

A corner of Tam Dao tourist area. (Photo: NDO)

The Tam Dao national tourist area has a total area of 10,723 hectares including the administrative subdivision of Tam Dao National Park (5,399 hectares), the foothills of Tam Dao Mountain (over 4,561 hectares), the Tay Thien relic site (477.6 hectares) and the Tam Dao tourist site (284.9 hectares).

Earlier, Vinh Phuc Province approved a project on tourism development in Tam Dao to 2025, with orientation until 2030, focusing on specific orientations for the development of forms of tourism that are to the strengths of Tam Dao – Tay Thien.

The Tam Dao tourist area is expected to become an international tourist area, featuring a tourist space with a close connection and unity with neighbouring areas.

Many investors in the fields of trade, tourism, entertainment, and real estate, turning this area into a new investment attraction, especially in green and clean industry.

The recognition of the Tam Dao national tourist area offers an opportunity for the central agencies and Vinh Phuc Province to continue their investment in improving the quality of tourism services and comprehensive development of Tam Dao District.

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