Quang Nam - style turmeric rice vermicelli: invoking delicious memories
Update: Mar 08, 2022
For gastronomists, the Quang Nam - style turmeric rice vermicelli is a must-try dish. The specialty boasts a unique taste that can win the hearts of food lovers and bring back sweet memories among Quang Nam people who live far away from their hometown.

The Quang Nam-style turmeric rice vermicelli

The ingredients for the specialty include fresh rice vermicelli, turmeric, pig’s inner organs, fish sauce, chives, etc. The dish is a blend of cuisine found in the central province.

The tasty turmeric rice vermicelli has to include chewy rice vermicelli, fresh scented turmeric and fresh pig’s inner organs. Therefore, local cooks need to select these ingredients carefully.

Fresh turmeric is said to be the soul of the specialty. It creates a unique flavor and an eye-catching yellow color for the dish. Instead of being cut into slices, the turmeric has to be finely pounded to maintain its taste. Other ingredients that make the dish more flavorful include chives.

The smaller the chive leaves, the more pleasant their fragrance.

Then, the pig’s inner organs must be cleaned with lemon juice and salt to remove the odor. After that, they are boiled in water before being cut into slices. Next, they are stir-fried with peanut oil, cu nen (Allium schoenoprasum), green onion and pounded turmeric. Rice vermicelli is added to the mixture, which is seasoned with basic spices and cooked on the lowest heat, and stirred. And finally, the Quang Nam-style turmeric rice vermicelli is ready to be served.

The local dish is often served with hot rice or rice paper. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a bowl of hot turmeric rice vermicelli with the family on a cold day. The combination of the scent of herbs and turmeric, soft but chewy rice vermicelli and the crunchy pig’s inner organs offer an interesting culinary experience for all food lovers.


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