Flower fields charm tourists to Hoa Binh province
Update: Jul 20, 2023
From a remote area, Mung hamlet in Hop Phong commune, Cao Phong district, northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh, has over the recent times become a magnet attracting a large number of tourists both inside and outside the province to contemplate the wild, beautiful natural space with colorful flower fields.

Flower fields of Mung hamlet, Hop Phong commune, Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, attract tourists to the locality.

Recently, endless fields of colorful flowers on terraces of Mung hamlet became a place that attracts many tourists to visit and experience the landscape in the locality, spreading the "check-in culture" on social networks.

The 10-km road from the centre of Cao Phong town to Mung hamlet is a challenge to tourists, but when they reach the peak of the hamlet, they can see the whole area filled with yellow and purple colours of flowers in the middle of mountains and forests like in fairy tales.

Lying at an altitude of about 700 - 800 m above sea level and dubbed as the "roof" of Cao Phong district, Mung hamlet enjoys a fresh and cool weather even on sunny days.

Most of the locals in the village are Muong ethnic people. Some households have joined hands to convert rice fields into flowers ones and develop community-based tourism. Flowers have been planted on an area of about a hectare, including native ones, yellow butterfly flowers, roses, cherry blossoms, among others, creating a picturesque scenery.

Tourists can explore the landscape in the village such as visiting the bamboo forest, watching terraced fields, and participating in daily life activities of the locals. A number of community-based tourism products, catering services, and learning about local people's customs and habits have been introduced to serve tourists.

Bui Van Hieu, head of Mung hamlet, revealed that in the past years, not many tourists came to Mung hamlet. However, when the flower fields opened on May 22, the number of visitors to the locality has increased significantly, especially during weekends, helping generate additional income for the locals. Currently, the village management board and households are planning, renovating, planting more flowers, and repairing the road to serve tourists.

The village will restore old stilt houses, build galleries, revive traditional culture of the Muong ethnic group, and plant more other flowers to beautify the Mung hamlet, attracting more tourists to the locality.

HBO - baohoabinh.com.vn - July 19, 2023