An Thuong pedestrian street and night market: New tourism product for Da Nang
Update: Aug 02, 2023
The An Thuong pedestrian street and night market in My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, has just been opened to the public. It is considered a night tourism product that contributes to diversifying the city's existing tourism product chain, helping to increase the experience for visitors while visiting Da Nang.

A corner of the An Thuong pedestrian street and night market. Photo: S.K

Although the An Thuong pedestrian street and night market has just been inaugurated and officially put into operation for half a month, it with nearly 40 stalls of food and souvenirs is gradually becoming a popular rendezvous for locals and tourists, especially young people.

After going around from Hoang Ke Viem to Tran Bach Dang streets, Mr. Tran Dinh Vuong from Quang Tri Province, said the night market here is quite attractive with many food stalls. He, however, said that tourism products are still quite monotonous as mainly stalls selling grilled food and drinks such as milk tea and fruit smoothies on the sidewalk. These dishes can be easily found in shops and eateries on every street in the city, so it is clear that there are no specific highlights or differences.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Director of the Omega Tourism Company Limited, said that for a long time, the An Thuong Tourist Street has been crowded with foreigners and has good infrastructure, but there are many high-cost restaurants. Therefore, the local authorities want to develop a pedestrian street and night market with the aim to offer more activities to local people. The psychology of tourists when looking to walking streets and night markets is to experience culture, and meet and interact with local people.

Therefore, the pedestrian street must have a harmony between the cultural factors, and the activities of the indigenous people in order to easily attract visitors.

According to Mr. Bach Ngoc Hai, the Chairman of the My An Ward People's Committee, the An Thuong Tourist Street has long been known as the street of foreigners because many foreigners stay in streets. In recent years, this area has also attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises to invest and do business.

However, the tourism products and services here are still limited, especially the entertainment, culinary and shopping services at night. Products and quality of tourism services are not commensurate with the potential.

Hence, to meet the needs of residents and visitors, six roads in the An Thuong Tourist Street have been invested and upgraded in terms of urban infrastructure.

Till date, the An Thuong pedestrian street and night market have been put into operation with the desire to promote the development of the local economy as well as serve the entertainment and nightlife needs of tourists when coming to Da Nang.

Apart from encouraging households in the ward to participate in night economic activities, the ward has mobilised 15 local service providers to participate in the ‘Comfort as home’ model so that visitors can use their restroom when needed.

"We hope that after a period of operation, the An Thuong pedestrian street and night market will gradually operate in a methodical and professional manner, becoming a favourite destination of both locals and tourists" Mr. Hai emphasised.

Vice Chairman of the Ngu Hanh Son District People's Committee Ta Tu Binh said that the An Thuong Tourist Street is located near beaches, so it is very attractive to tourists. This is only the first phase of the An Thuong pedestrian street and night market project, so the locality focuses on developing related services and modern and high-class resort activities for tourists. In phase 2, the city will continue to invest in the remaining streets so that the whole An Thuong neighborhood will be a pedestrian street, promoting the local economic and social development.

Reporting by Song Khue - Translating by M.Dung

Da Nang Today - - August 1st, 2023