Visiting the landscape area of Ban Gioc – Detian waterfalls to be piloted from 15th September 2023
Update: Aug 30, 2023
(TITC) – Vietnam and China will hold a ceremony to announce the opening of Ban Gioc - Detian Open Gate connecting Vietnam’s Cao Bang Province and China’s Guangxi, and pilot operation for visiting the landscape area on both sides on 15th September 2023, according to Cao Bang news.

The pilot operation time is from 15th September 2023 to 14th September 2024. Visitors from both countries need to pre-register in groups of up to 20 people each.

The visit duration of each group at the opposite side must not exceed 5 hours, and overnight stays are prohibited. Visitors are required to use their passports or entry/exit permits to  entry/exit the scenic areas on both sides.

There will be no entrance fee for visitors from Vietnam entering the Chinese side. The Vietnamese side must purchase insurance for visitors before entering the Chinese scenic area.

Visitors from China entering the Vietnamese side need buy tickets for 70,000 VND (2.9 USD) per person per visit, inclusive of insurance and exclusive of other service fees.

The two countries – two zones cooperation model plays an important role in economic development cooperation, friendship exchanges in border areas, especially tourism development, enhancing people exchanges, building a model of cross-border tourism and green tourism.

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