Hac Confluence Destination
Update: Apr 05, 2023
Bach Hac ward is located in the southeast of Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province where the legend of Hung Kings founding and defending the country originated. This is also the confluence of three rivers: Da River, Lo River, and Red River, so it is also known as the Hac confluence. With many potentials and advantages, Bach Hac Ward was selected by the Provincial People"s Committee to be built into a destination for community tourism, spiritual culture tourism, agricultural and rural experience tourism, with the goal of economic development in the direction of multi-value integration and sustainable development.

The water procession ceremony at the confluence of rivers by the people of Mo Chu Ha village, Bach Hac ward.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha - Chairman of the People"s Committee of Bach Hac Ward said: Along with the advantages of geographical location and economic development conditions, Bach Hac Ward has six historical and cultural relics including one at the national level: National Monuments of Architecture and Art of Tam Giang Temple and Dai Bi Bach Hac Pagoda, and five at the provincial and city levels. Every year, the ward organizes festivals such as: Mo Chu Ha Village’s Traditional Festival (January 9 – 10 of the lunar calendar), Quach An Nuong Temple Festival (February 15 of the lunar calendar), Thuong Tho Temple Festival (February 22 of the lunar calendar). Notably, on the 10th of the third lunar month every year, there take place activities like the Hac wharf poetry night, the traditional boating festival on the Lo River, sacrifices, water procession at the confluence of rivers and traditional games such as tug of war, cockfighting, volleyball, football...

Dai Bi Pagoda belongs to the National Monuments of Architecture and Art of Tam Giang Temple and Dai Bi Bach Hac Pagoda.

In particular, the traditional boating festival of Bach Hac has long been well known to the whole country. The festival is a ritual and artistic representation form of naval training, demonstrating the martial spirit in the tradition of fighting the enemy and defending the country back to the Hung Kings’ period. Today, the festival has become one of the typical cultural features of Bach Hac ward, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year.

With the attention of the provincial and the city authorities, Tam Giang Temple in Bach Hac ward is a destination in the river travel itinerary of international tourists when coming to the province. Implementing the plan to develop rural tourism in the construction of new rural areas, Bach Hac Ward is rushing to build it into a community cultural tourism destination, and is expected to hold a recognition ceremony on the coming April 15. This will be a condition for Bach Hac ward to promote its potentials and advantages in agriculture, craft villages and culture, thereby improving the people's material and spiritual life...

Vinh Ha

Phu Tho Newspaper - en.baophutho.vn - March 31, 2023