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Ordinary postal services

Local, international mail service includes the followings

Letters & Postcards Publications, publications for the blind, small packages. (Weight limit of small package is not over 2kg).

Parcels - Local and Overseas

Weight limit of local parcels is defined by post. office of each province. General maximum weight for one parcel is 31.5 kg.

Postal Financial Services

* Remittance by mail & telegram is provided throughout : the country. Viet Nam Postal Service has opened one way international remittance service from France, Japan, Belgium, USA, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, Singapore, China, Malaysia to Viet Nam.

* Express money transfer is available in towns, centers of cities and provinces within Viet Nam.
* Post Saving is provided throughout the country in the following ways:

- Time Saving

- Demand Saving

- Collection Saving

- Personal Saving Account

- Pay salary in personal saving account

Telegraphic bouquet service: including telegraphic bouquet with congratulation, greeting and telegraphic bouquet with condolence

Press Distribution

* Newspapers and magazines are retailed at any Post Office and Kiosk.

* Period subscription of domestic and imported publications:

Customers can purchase domestic press at any Post Office at any time with long-term or subscription modes.

- For subscription of imported overseas publications, Post; Office will announce the list of those and receive orders 2 times a year.

- Post Office will deliver publications at customers' addresses.

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Express Mail Service (EMS) delivers letters, parcels, mail items, goods.. domestically & internationally on schedule of VNPT as announcement to each region & country. Weight limit for EMS parcels to overseas depends on the agreement with target country. EMS is available in 54 cities and provinces within Viet Nam and to 51 countries in the world.

* Other postal services:

- Consignment post service

- Subscribing mail boxes service

- Unaddressed mail drop service

- PTN service (From Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Duong)

Accept delivering of postal and parcel with special service:

When sending postal items and parcels, customers can use other special services as following:

- Par avian: Items and parcels are transported by airway (If airway is available on the line).

- Registered: Parcels will be tracked by separate codes, recorded in to files during processing in order to be traced when necessary.

- Certification at sending (A parcels): A parcels are normal parcels with certification of sending. Senders should pay at the price & will be issued receipts.

- Express mail service: Senders require immediate delivery of parcels to receivers after arrival. This service is available for the receiver. With address within delivering area of the Post-Office in the cities & towns, accepting request at the time of applying postal items & parcels.

Postal items and parcels using Post Retante are not allowed to use express.

- Advice of Delivery: Service provider is responsible for informing the senders of delivery
- A Main Propre: Items & parcels will be delivered to receivers whose names and addresses are indicated on them.

- Post Restante: P & T will keep items and parcels at delivery post office and receivers themselves will receive there.

- Items Pasted at the address requested by the sender: Provided when senders request or have contracts with Post Office.

- Items delivered to the address requested by the sender or the addressee: Provided when senders or receivers order Post offices to deliver at requested addresses once or usually, except postal items under 500gram.

- Insured items: Senders enumerate articles' value. Items and parcels are insured by the value of price stated maximum stated price for a document article is 1,000,000 dong and for a goods article is 30,000,000 dong.