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How to make long - Distance calls

* To provinces and cities within Vietnam:

- 0 + Area code + Tel. Number or

- 171 (177, 178) + 0 + Area code + Tel. Number (economic call)

* To other countries:

- 00 + Country code + Area code + Tel. number

- 171 (177, 178) + 00 + Country code + Area code + Tel. number (economic call) or

- 171 + 1 + Waiting for connective tone + Country code + Area code + Tel. number

Telephone services

Multi - frequency service:

Multi-frequency Service allows the subscriber to connect quickly and more conveniently.

Speed dialing service:

Speed Dialing Service allows the subscriber to dial more efficiently by substituting for 2 digits, for the entire telephone number

Data transmission service

Data Transmission Service allows data transmission of the following types:

- PC to PC.

- PC to computer network.

- Computer network to computer network.

- PC or computer network to database site.

Leased Line

A point-to-point line of the following types may be leased:

- Long distance

- Telex

- Radio and Television

- Data transmission

Public Telephone agents

Telephone with operator service at post offices, post agents, public telephone agents…
Collect call service

* Collect call: Allows the subscriber in Vietnam to make a telephone call to Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the USA. The charge will be billed to the receiver instead of caller.

* Access collect: Allows subscribers to make international calls to USA from home telephones, post offices, card-phone telephones of card-phone Vietnam System.

- Access code: 120. 12345.

- Charge of the call will be paid by receiver of the call

- Service charge: Customer using telephone of card-phone Vietnam system will pay service charge of 500d/each call (including unsuccessful call).

VoIP services

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is telephone service applications based on internet through telephone network. Example: 171, 1717 calling service.

“1717 call” service

1717 is prepaid VoIP telephone service, using VoIP technology, provides domestic and international long-distance calls. Service code is 1717. Customers – who want to use “1717 calls” service must buy 1717 card.

Additional telephone services

Forwarding service

Forwarding Service allows the subscriber to forward all incoming calls to any other previously chosen telephone number.

Caller identifying service

Caller Identifying Service allows the subscriber to identify the telephone number of an incoming calls through switchboard 500.

Conference calling service

Conference Calling Service allows the subscriber to connect with two other subscribers at the same time.

Automatic alarm service

Automatic Alarm Service allows the subscriber to program the telephone to ring at a previously chosen time.

Absentee messaging service

Absentee Calling Service allows the subscriber to inform callers of his absence.

Call waiting service

Call Waiting Service allows the subscriber to know about another call while he is on the line. The subscriber can keep the current call to receive the new one and then turn to the previous call. Hotline service

Hotline Service allows one subscriber to be automatically connected to another subscriber without having to dial.

Polarity revert signal service

Polarity Revert Signal Service allows the subscriber to immediately know the fee of each call through fee-calculating equipment connected to the telephone.

Calling only or receiving only telephones

Telephones made specifically to only receive or call, not both.

Restricted telephone service

Restricted Telephone Service allows the subscriber to prevent others from making unwanted calls (for example: long distance calling).

Three forms of restriction:

- Private code restriction

- Automatic restriction

- Complete restriction

Consecutive dialing service

Consecutive Dialing Service allows the subscriber to dial all telephone numbers in a group consecutively by just dialing the main telephone number of that group (used for PABX switchboard).

Information enquiry services

* Talking yellow pages (1081): Provides all information in Ha Noi Telephone Directory and Yellow Pages and related information.

* Social and cultural information clearing up queries service (1080): Provides social and economic information.
* Connecting customers to consultants (1088): Connecting Customers to Consultants in the fields of healthcare, nutrition, drug preventive measures, law, informatics, construction, tourism, estate trading, education and training, intellectual property, love-marriage-family matters.