Deputy Minister Le Quang Tung: Promoting communication of “safe Viet Nam”, taking opportunities to restructure the tourism industry
Update: May 21, 2020
(TITC) - The conference “Solutions to promote domestic tourism and restore international tourism after Covid-19” took place under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Quang Tung, with VNAT’s Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh, Chairman of the Tourism Advisory Board Tran Trong Kien and Vice President of Vietnam Tourism Association Vu The Binh.
The meeting shared a common perception after the Covid-19 epidemic as an opportunity to recover and increase economic activities in general, including tourism. At the same time emphasizing that the world situation has changed after the epidemic, activities should be re-established under new normal conditions. It is required to actively restructure tourism activities in accordance with the new context.
The conference focused on discussing solutions to promote domestic tourism, the need to introduce about Vietnam's success in epidemic prevention, a safe Vietnam destination, and standardize safe tourism. The participants also said that it is necessary to attract more customers such as foreigners living in Vietnam and Vietnamese people who cannot travel abroad. There were suggestions to coordinate with the education industry to propose suitable summer time for students to stimulate tourism demand for families.
In addition, many businesses also proposed that tourism is a specific economic sector, so it is necessary to have separate support policies, related to tax exemption and reduction... At the same time, proposing the State to increase investment for improving infrastructure and public landscape to support tourism.
The leaders of big corporations all expressed their desire and willingness to cooperate in offering domestic tourism stimulus packages, forming a complete product combination for customers, from aviation, travel, accommodation establishments, tourist attractions, entertainment areas,... At the same time, they committed to implement the promotional programs launched by the Ministry.
Regarding the reopening of the international tourism market, delegates agreed to strongly communicate the image of a safe Vietnam to the world, only welcome safe markets, avoiding epidemics in Vietnam. They emphasized that the safety in the country should be maintained as a basis for tourism recovery.
Many participants thought that it is necessary to seek bilateral agreements with safe markets on the basis of ensuring safety criteria, clearly define the responsibility of the originating country, destination country. The issue of visa was also focused on the discussion by the delegates, in which many ideas were proposed to restore visa exemption, expand visa exemption, and increase visa exemption period.
The participants also emphasized the need to change the concept of key markets during this period because now safety has become a top priority, instead of scale and quality as before.
Appreciating the opinions of enterprises, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Quang Tung agreed that after the Covid-19 translation is an opportunity to restructure the tourism industry, from state management activities, promoting and market positioning, building suitable products.
In order to promote domestic tourism and prepare for the reopening of international tourism, the important factor is strong communication about a safe Vietnam destination at home and over the world.
The Deputy Minister highly appreciated commitments of big corporations and enterprises that are always ready to cooperate and accompany to restore tourism sector. The Deputy Minister also suggested that the stimulus programs should pay attention to small and medium enterprises that are vulnerable in the crisis.
The Deputy Minister said that the Prime Minister had assigned the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to study and propose the time, principles and ways to gradually open international tourism to the Prime Minister for consideration. Delegates' very good opinions on market selection, bilateral agreement, visa exemption..., as well as proposals on supporting businesses will be collected and reported to the Prime Minister by the Ministry.
Regarding the mechanism of linkage between localities and enterprises, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism will coordinate the implementation of the stimulus programs to ensure high effectiveness.
At the end of the conference, Deputy Minister Le Quang Tung strongly believed that the whole industry would strive to overcome difficulties and challenges, effectively implement post-Covid-19 tourism restoration activities and propose new mechanisms and policies to facilitate tourism growth in the new period.
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