Project underway to create food map of 100 Vietnamese dishes
Update: Apr 19, 2022
The Vietnam Culinary and Cultural Association (VCCA) is making a list of 100 delicious Vietnamese dishes across the country and creating a digital map for the list afterwards, reported Thanh nien (Young People) newspaper.

Project underway to create food map of 100 Vietnamese dishes

Surveys were conducted in five northern localities of Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho and Hanoi late March, with the participation of food artisans, VCCA Vice President La Quoc Khanh said.

The association plans to build a list comprising 1,000 dishes next year to create a database of Vietnamese food map.

The digital food map is projected to complete by 2024, Khanh said, towards the building of a Vietnamese cuisine museum in Hue former capital city.

Echoing the view, President of the Vietnam Chef Association Nguyen Thuong Quan said that services and food safety standards are also required in the building of such list.

The project is hoped to promote Vietnamese cuisine and attract visitors to Vietnam, as gastronomy may serve as a core value of the country’s tourism, said Dr Nguyen Thu Thuy from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Locality factors in cuisine popularisation as well as intra-sectoral and regional connectivity also have a great role to play in bolstering the value of Vietnamese cuisine, she stated.


Nhan Dan Online - - April 19, 2022