Chip Chip – Danang’s true blue food heritage
Update: May 05, 2022
This distinctive, oval-shaped clam is the main ingredient in the central coastal city’s specialties loved by many travelers.

Danang-style steamed chip chip and chip chip porridge

Oval-shaped clams called ‘Chip Chip’ featuring blue shells are easily found in the Han River. When they are cooked, their shells turn to light yellow. There are two popular dishes of these local clams: Steamed chip chip with lemongrass and chip chip porridge.

The local cook often steams these small clams with lemongrass, ginger and chili. When their shells open, they are completely cooked. The steamed chip chip will be served with a small bowl of Nam O fish sauce with minced chilies or salt and pepper.

Chip chip porridge is favored by both adults and children. These clams will be boiled first to easily take the flesh out of their shells. Then, the flesh is cooked with white rice.

The thick soup is seasoned with basic spices and topped with fresh herbs before being served to diners. A bowl of hot, chip chip porridge is perfect for a meal on cold days in Danang.


Saigon Times - - May 1, 2022
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